Tatami floor (Tatami doko)

A tatami consists of a tatami floor and tatami facing.

It is tatami facing that appearance shows, and a tatami floor is a base part of a tatami.
It is an image of a tatami facing covers a tatami floor.

    Photos of tatami floor ---> what is a tatami floor?

A kind of a tatami floor has a straw floor, a straw sand floor, a board bed (building materials floor).

Straw floor ・・・It is the most general traditional tatami floor.
It does not need to say that there is absorbency / heat retention, but there can be a thing troubled by outbreak of a mite.
There is a concern that the material straw is been short.

Straw sand floor ・・・The tatami floor which sandwiched Styrofoam between straw
It is superior in heat insulation. The touch of the tatami mat is the same as a straw floor.

Board bed floor ・・・The tatami floor which is hardened with pasted wood which is finely crushed and Styrofoam
It is cheap, heat-insulating, light, and a harmful insect is hard to occur.
It is undurable that you can not change the side of the tatami many times.
When you step on it, it might feel firm.