Judo tatami and regular tatami

Ryukyu tatami used to be used for Judo tatami; however, tatami with chemical synthesis is used for Judo tatami these days.

Former Judo tatami used Ryukyu tatami with Shittoui (a plant of a cyperaceous) for tatami facing
However, because of the safety and a good point of the handling, raw materials supply and a study on a production cost side advance that formation products with an insulation board with plywood and foaming rubber on a polyethylene form overturned in Judo tatami.
Some are recognized officially by All Japan Judo Federation.

There is a judo lover using a judo tatami made from Ryukyu tatami because of the durability and a long-term cost, and influence side to a body.

There is no hem on Judo tatami.
This is to prevent to get hurt from rolled up hem during a competition.
The softness is necessary to lighten a shock when the competitor is thrown, but reasonable hardness is needed for quick movements.
It is the well-done flooring that harmony is good, and a tatami satisfies these.