Don’t you fall asleep when you lie on a tatami?

Don’t you feel you miss it and it calms you down for some reason when you are on a tatami?

Tatami - It is one of the Japanese cultures thought out by a living of the Japanese race who is our ancestor.

The Japanese-style room where there is a tatami, it is Japanese culture. "Tatami" appears on the Japanese oldest book "A Record of Ancient Matters".
It used to be a thing such as a straw mat in those days.
In Heian era, a thicker version came out as Tatami, and it inherited improvement, and it is unbroken to date.

Tatami which went through a wave of Meiji Restoration and cultural enlightenment was the center of Japanese living.
However, in these days, because of the influence of Westernization of lifestyle, it gradually decreases to see the Japanese-style room where there is a tatami.
On the other hand, it became clear that there is a good point to moderate the health issues and environment-related issues that modern people have on a tatami.

It introduces such a good point of Tatami in this site.
It will be our pleasure if we could help to maintain and develop Tatami culture.