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  • Tatami floor (Tatami doko)

  • A tatami consists of a tatami floor and tatami facing.

    It is tatami facing that appearance shows, and a tatami floor is a base part of a tatami.
    It is an image of a tatami facing covers a tatami floor.

  • Tatami Facing (Tatami Omote)

  • Tatami facing is a mat wrapping up an upper surface of a tatami.
    A kind of tatami facing has Bingo, Mesekiomote, Ryukyu.

  • Size of Tatami

  • Size of tatami varies by local region and building.
    During Momoyama era and Edo era, about 400 years ago, in Kinki region the basic measurement were 6 Shaku and 5 Sun, in Edo region the basic was 6 Shaku, and even today this is the standard size.

  • Ryukyu Tatami

  • There is a boom for Ryukyu tatami these days because of its design.
    Comparing to regular tatami, it uses Ryukyu tatami facing, without hem, and it’s a square and half size of a regular tatami.

  • Tatami Bed

  • Tatami bed is the bed where a tatami is incorporated in substitution for a mattress on the surface of a bed.
    As for the regular mattress to have hollow when you lie, tatami bed is strictly useful for a person with lumbago.

  • Oki Tatami

  • Oki tatami is a tatami that is a thin, light mat to use to spread it in a room (flooring, a Western-style room) without normal tatami for a carpet sense.
    It’s also called as Flooring Tatami, Living Tatami, Unit Tatami, or System Tatami.

  • High-floored Unit Tatami

  • High-floored Unit Tatami is Unit Box (a cabinet) with tatami cover on top.
    You can combine a few unit tatami to have a Japanese style space as a part of the room, and you have plenty of storage space at the same time.

  • A price of Tatami

  • A price of Tatami may vary by shops and by time when you purchase.
    It depends on what kind of materials is used for tatami floor, tatami facing, and hem, it also by how you combine them together.

  • Styro Tatami

  • Styro tatami is the tatami which uses a foaming form for a tatami floor.
    It is covered by a tatami facing and locked in with the hem, the appearance does not have any difference from regular tatami.
    It is lightweight and sanitary.

  • Color Tatami

  • Color tatami is a tatami with tatami facing which uses dyed rush grass.
    The choices are grey, yellow, green, beige, pink, blue, ivory etc.

  • Judo tatami and regular tatami

  • Ryukyu tatami used to be used for Judo tatami; however, tatami with chemical synthesis is used for Judo tatami these days.

  • Non-hem Tatami

  • Non-Hem Tatami is a regular tatami without hem.
    Ryukyu Tatami and Meseki Tatami is non-hem tatami, design characteristics of a room improves by how to spread.

  • Washi Tatami (Japanese paper tatami)

  • Washi Tatami is a tatami which uses Washi (Japanese paper) for tatami facing instead of rush grass.
    They knit the Japanese paper which is made small and thin like rush grass carefully.
    A mite and mold do not occur, and even atopic dermatitis and an allergic person are reliable

  • Tatami Carpet

  • Tatami Carpet is a carpet done with rush grass.
    A Japanese-style houseroom is available willingly when you spread it in a floor and a corridor of a Western-style room

  • Washable Tatami

  • Have you seen a tatami being spread all over at washing space of a hot spring and a bating institution?
    They are Washable Tatami.
    A washable tatami is useful in a general household.

  • Storage Tatami

  • Storage Tatami is a storage box which uses tatami for the cover on the top.
    Some has drawer on the side.

  • Tatami Accessory

  • Tatami Accessory is a Japanese style small object that uses edge materials of tatami or a straw mat.
    If you like tatami, you may like Tatami Accessory as well.

  • Chemical Tatami

  • Chemical Tatami is a tatami where tatami flooring is made with formation product such as a polystyrene form or an insulation board.
    Because it does not use straw, a mite and mold are hard to occur and are hygienic.
    This is the first factor that a chemical tatami was developed.

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