Tatami Bed

Tatami bed is the bed where a tatami is incorporated in substitution for a mattress on the surface of a bed.
As for the regular mattress to have hollow when you lie, tatami bed is strictly useful for a person with lumbago.

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You use regular mattress (futon) on tatami bed as well.
When the mattress (futon) is laid on tatami bed for a long time that the tatami bed facing absorbs night sweat that it is important to put off the mattress every 1-2 days.
Generally, you reverse tatami once awhile, however, with tatami bed, it is not as used as normal tatami that it is not necessary to reverse.
If you would prefer the smell of fresh rush grass, it is a good idea to change the tatami every several years.

Tatami bed fits in with not only Japanese style room but also Western style room as well, that the smell of tatami will relax your mind and body.

Tatami bed has storage space.
A type with storage space under the bedside, it is useful for small objects.
A bed bottom becomes a drawer and a long cabinet, and large-sized bedding or anything can be stored away.
For care, vacuum the tatami along the grain of tatami, but please wipe it off with a synthetic detergent when dirt is terrible.