Oki Tatami

Oki tatami is a tatami that is a thin, light mat to use to spread it in a room (flooring, a Western-style room) without normal tatami for a carpet sense.
It’s also called as Flooring Tatami, Living Tatami, Unit Tatami, or System Tatami.

You can put several pieces of Oki tatami wherever you like and make the area as Japanese style room.
With Oki tatami, you are able to enjoy a Japanese style room easily, and also you can choose to have with hem or without hem, or even colored tatami.
In addition, it is light and thin that it is easy to carry around.
It can be stored in a closet when it’s not used.
It is superior in heat retention and absorbency like normal tatami, and a mite is hard to come to occur.