Chemical Tatami

Chemical Tatami is a tatami where tatami flooring is made with formation product such as a polystyrene form or an insulation board.
Because it does not use straw, a mite and mold are hard to occur and are hygienic.
This is the first factor that a chemical tatami was developed.

There is a chemical tatami with a little straw, and this is called “a straw sand tatami flooring”.
Pure straw tatami flooring is tending to decrease these days that a ratio of chemical tatami becomes more than half.

Good points of Chemical Tatami
-A mite and mold are hard to occur and are hygienic and healthy
-It is light, and carrying around is simple(Weight is about a one-third of a straw tatami)
- There are few changes of color by sunlight
- Because it does not require much technology for production, a price is cheap

Bad points of Chemical Tatami
- Remnant life of chemical tatami is shorter than a straw tatami
- It has little absorbency which is one of the important characteristics of a tatami
- The touch is firm
- Because dioxin occurs when you burn it, it is a troublesome task for disposal
- It can become a factor of chemical sensitivity syndrome