Styro Tatami

Styro tatami is the tatami which uses a foaming form for a tatami floor.
It is covered by a tatami facing and locked in with the hem, the appearance does not have any difference from regular tatami.
It is lightweight and sanitary.

Styro Tatami’s tatami floor is made of foaming polyethylene form tucked with straw (Styrofoam, feeling of polystyrene foam), or it’s combined with an insulation board (woody fiber).

    The photos of cross-section diagram of Styro Tatami ---> Styro Tatami

Weight is around 1/3 of the tatami which uses only straw.
Because it is cheap, light weight, good heat retention and absorbency, it is practical, but it may be said that after all a straw tatami can be superior with the durability and the feel.