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  • Beauty of Tatami – hygroscopic character and a characteristic to discharge the humidity

  • Tatami has hygroscopic character, one piece of tatami can absorb about 500cc water which is about the same capacity of a plastic bottle.

  • Beauty of Tatami - insulation effectiveness

  • It feels that when you touch a tatami in summer somehow coolly and feel it somewhat warmly in winter.
    It is because tatami has insulation effectiveness.

  • Beauty of Tatami - Air purification

  • Tatami has a characteristic to absorb a nitrogen dioxide.
    In the air, a chemical substance to call a nitrogen dioxide mainly due to exhaust gas of a car is included, and it gives bad influence to the respiratory system of the human body.

  • Beauty of Tatami – springiness

  • Height of a tatami mat floor of a tatami is about 5cm, it is about one-eight of piled up straw. (The piled up straw is about 40cm high)
    This gives a tatami proper degree of springiness.

  • Beauty of Tatami - sound absorbency ・sound insulation

  • Because there is sound absorbency ・sound insulation, it does not make a sound as expected even if you walk on a tatami by quick steps.
    If this is a Western-style room, a sound is big, and a sound of the second floor may sound downstairs.

  • Beauty of Tatami - flame resistance

  • A tatami is hard to burn, and it takes more time to the fire to spread that even if an earthquake or a fire happen, you can escape in the meantime.

  • Beauty of Tatami - bactericidal effect

  • The facing side of tatami, tatami facing, is made of rush grass.
    Rush grass has bactericidal effect towards disease-causing bacterium of O157 strain of the E.coli bacteria.
    This is why rush grass green juice is good for health.

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