Beauty of Tatami – springiness

Height of a tatami mat floor of a tatami is about 5cm, it is about one-eight of piled up straw. (The piled up straw is about 40cm high)
This gives a tatami proper degree of springiness.

The construction of rush grass on tatami facing, which keeps the air because of the shape such as a sponge, is related to the springiness as well.
Therefore, it is why it’s comfortable to walk on tatami, and it is hard to be injured seriously and there are few burdens to legs and lower back, and even a baby and elderly are reliable on tatami.

In addition, the proper degree of springiness stimulates the acupressure points of a sole when you walk on a tatami.
Sleeping on a tatami with futon has moderate hardness than sleeping on a bed which eases a burden to lower back and spine.

The comfort you will get when you lie on a tatami with arms and legs outstretched is supported by tatami’s springiness.