Category 'Ways of handling Tatami'
  • Reversing Tatami

  • If tatami facing does a change of color (sunburn) in sunlight and wears out, let's reverse a tatami mat.
    (There is tatami facing on both sides)

  • To dispose of a tatami

  • Ask a tatami-maker for the disposal of unwanted tatami.
    A fee may apply for a pick up.
    For some area, their local government disposes it for you.

  • Cleaning of a tatami

  • Let's use a vacuum cleaner on a tatami mat.
    When you wipe it with a dry cloth, it becomes more beautiful.

    There are some points for cleaning of a tatami.

  • A time to renew a tatami

  • There is a method of "a reversing", "changing tatami facing", and "new tatami" to exchange a tatami mat.

  • A floor heater in a tatami

  • A floor heater is possible in a Japanese-style room of a tatami.
    There are types that to put the source of heat under a tatami, the type that tatami itself runs hot, and there are types to lay a tatami on a conventional floor heater.

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