A floor heater in a tatami

A floor heater is possible in a Japanese-style room of a tatami.
There are types that to put the source of heat under a tatami, the type that tatami itself runs hot, and there are types to lay a tatami on a conventional floor heater.

Tatami used to be thick conventionally because the feeling used to be the serious consideration that it had been intercepted even if you put the source of heat below.
Because a thin, comfortable tatami (about15mm thickness) had been developed, it opened a way to a floor heater in a tatami.
Even the thing which puts the heating element which led to an electric outlet between the tatami inside, the thing which has a temperature sensor in a tatami facing, the thing that heat conduction is good even if there is thickness, various products came out.

Construction is simple and is reliable even if there are a child and the elderly because it does not cause a fire.
Of course, other than winter, you can use it as a normal tatami.

When you take a nap on these floor heated tatami, you might fall into a deep sleep.