Cleaning of a tatami

Let's use a vacuum cleaner on a tatami mat.
When you wipe it with a dry cloth, it becomes more beautiful.

There are some points for cleaning of a tatami.

●Vacuum Clean
The point is to run along grain of a tatami, slow without laying emphasis.
It’ll damage tatami facing if you run against the grain of tatami.

●Wipe with a dry cloth
Wipe the whole side of tatami, including the hem, with a dry cloth, after having absorbed dust with a vacuum cleaner.
When it is awfully stained, wipe it with a rug which you wring out firmly and cut water.
Do not use wet rug. Mold may grow.
In addition, make ventilation better sometimes.
It is ventilation of a room at the same time to air futon in a porch on a fine day.
A tatami is weak in moisture
Furthermore, air is easy to go in a tatami when you lift one corner of a tatami with an empty can.

But of direct rays of the sun make too much a hit, and is not good.
A tatami is easy to come to ache, and sunburns increase.