Beauty of Tatami - sound absorbency ・sound insulation

Because there is sound absorbency ・sound insulation, it does not make a sound as expected even if you walk on a tatami by quick steps.
If this is a Western-style room, a sound is big, and a sound of the second floor may sound downstairs.

The reason of sound absorbency ・sound insulation of tatami is by the stratum of the air which is piled up in the inside of a tatami.
Because the straw in a tatami floor has a lot of cavities and the rush grass on tatami facing has a shape such as a sponge, it can contain a large quantity of air.
This wall of air makes sound to go through difficult.

It is the traditional culture that Japan boasts of that enjoy tea ceremony, flower arrangement, and koto in the solemn tatami room where outside sound is shutoff.