Size of Tatami

Size of tatami varies by local region and building.
During Momoyama era and Edo era, about 400 years ago, in Kinki region the basic measurement were 6 Shaku and 5 Sun, in Edo region the basic was 6 Shaku, and even today this is the standard size.

1. Honmama (Kyoma) 95.5cm x 191cm
It is common in Kansai area (Kyoto / Osaka ), Kyusyu are, Chugoku area, Shikoku area and Kyusyu area.

2. Gohachima (Edoma and Kantoma) 88cm x 176cm
Kanto area, Tohoku area and Hokaido area. The areas that are northern than Shizuoka.
It lies scattered almost nationwide.

3. Sanrokuma (Cyukyoma) 91cm x 182cm
Mainly in Nagoya, Gifu, Mie, some in Fukushima, Yamagata, Iwate and some part of Okuriki area and Okinawa and Atsumi Island.

4. Danchima 85cm x 170cm
It is commonly used in the houses which were built in these years Because it’s most common in apartments complex, and that is where the name came from. Danchi means apartment complex.

Kyoma, Cyukyoma, Edoma, Danchima, interval in big order

6 pieces of tatami for Kyoma is about as big as 7.1 pieces of tatami for Edoma. 6 pieces of tatami in Kansan region is 18% bigger than Kanto region.