Washable Tatami

Have you seen a tatami being spread all over at washing space of a hot spring and a bating institution?
They are Washable Tatami.
A washable tatami is useful in a general household.

A washable tatami uses a special board for tatami flooring and picks up the top and bottom with a foaming body of polyethylene and uses the artificial rush which is made with polypropylene for tatami facing.
Both polypropylene and polyethylene are water-shedding, and this is the secret to be able to wash.

An unexpected stain at the time of care of a sick person or an elderly, a wheel trace of a wheelchair, a smell and hair by room pet can be washed away.

Because it is not a natural rush, a mite and mold are hard to occur, and there is thermal effect / a moisture absorption effect by a foaming body.

How to wash a Washable Tatami is to rub with scrubbing brushes while you lean a tatami outdoors, and pour cold or warm water. It’s the same way with washing a screen door.
After scrubbing the tatami, pour water to the entire tatami including the back side of tatami and make sure to drop dirt well.
Because you can use hot water up to 60 degrees (Celsius) that you can wash it in winter.

    Photos of how to wash a Washable Tatami ---> Washable Tatami