Tatami Facing (Tatami Omote)

Tatami facing is a mat wrapping up an upper surface of a tatami.
A kind of tatami facing has Bingo, Mesekiomote, Ryukyu.

Bingo Omote・・・Tatami facing made by rush grass (Marui) for using with hem
Mainly they are made in Kumamoto, and they are also called Higo Omote.
More than half of them are imported from China these days.

Meseki Omote・・・Tatami facing made by rush grass (Marui) for non-hem using.
Grain of tatami facing is smaller than Bingo Omote and it looks beautiful.

Ryukyu Omote・・・Tatami facing for non-hem using.
It is made with hand-woven textiles carefully, it is strong, but it has high price.
Grass is thick and springy, and shine comes out.
China produces them too, but the grass is thin and hard.
But grains of a tatami mat are uniform and are set.