A price of Tatami

A price of Tatami may vary by shops and by time when you purchase.
It depends on what kind of materials is used for tatami floor, tatami facing, and hem, it also by how you combine them together.

For example, for even the same tatami facing, the price will be affected by condition of supply and it will give a range in price.
You should visit a several tatami shops and receive explanation till you are satisfied. It is important to choose after you actually touch a tatami mat and experiencing the feel.
As a rough guide, one piece of tatami will be the following (May 2006).

New Tatami is ¥10,000~¥35,000
Omotegae (Changing tatami facing) is ¥5,000~¥20,000 *
Uragaeshi (Flipping tatami facing upside down) is ¥4,000~¥10,000**

*Omotegae: Keeping the same tatami floor and change only tatami facing and the hem
**Uragaeshi: Reversing tatami facing upside down and changing the hem only.

The better quality tatami will have higher price.

Depends on the condition of the tatami, extra fee may apply for special work.