Tatami Carpet

Tatami Carpet is a carpet done with rush grass.
A Japanese-style houseroom is available willingly when you spread it in a floor and a corridor of a Western-style room

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The carpet you know is not the only carpet.

Flooring has slender looks and it is functional, but it could give you a pain in a foot when you sit down directly.
The thing that what get cold from a step in winter is hard to a person having poor circulation, that when you have Tatami Carpet on Western-style room, it will fix this problem, and it will give you the fresh sense that it feels like you renovated the room.

It can be cut into a shape of a room to fit in, which normal tatami can not.

It is also possible to put it on regular tatami which needs to be changed, to control the expense.
(We do not recommend it very much though)

Small version of Tatami Carpet can be used as a doormat, for a little alcove, or a mat for a flower vase.