Tatami is useful for a Japanese living

Our house style and environment in Japan has greeted a big change.

In origin, Japanese house had wooden construction. It had Japanese style rooms, wall had soil coating, floor in tatami, and room dividers were in siding paper-doors and shoji.

western style doorHowever, buildings of concrete increase firmly in these days, and interior decoration follow a course of Westernization.
Even if there is a tatami, it is become flooring, and the laminated wood and others which use chemical materials such as vinyl or thermal barrier materials are used for a wall.

Such interior decoration is slender at a glance, and there is a clean feeling, but it creates the house space where airtighness is high.
High airtighness means the state where indoor air is shut tightly.
Its air flow is bad, the density of toxic substance, which comes from carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by living and chemical substance by material of a wall and a floor, rises higher than the outdoors.
Because of this, we take more pollutant in our bodies, which harm our well-being, and it is not so rare to have sick building syndrome anymore.

In such an occasion, a living in traditional Japanese style is reviewed.

traditional Japanese style roomHigh temperature and high humidity in the summer, low temperature and low humidity in the winter.
Japan has very unique weather that Japanese style architecture which uses wood, soil, paper and tatami as material fits it really.
Because of these natural materials which individually breathe by themselves, indoor air is nicely replaced and fresh air is always supplied

In addition, a tatami has various characteristics such as insulation effect and air purification that enrich Japanese living.
Maybe it is incorporated in our Japanese DNA that it calms us down when we enter a tatami room which has the smell of rush grass.
We believe the idea of having at least one Japanese style room flash across a head to many people when they build new houses.

We are good at compromising between Eastern and Western styles, so we should review the value of tatami and take it in positively for the present living.