History of Tatami

Tatami has its history of more than 1300 years.

It is assumed that the etymology of “TATAMI” is from the word “TATAMU (fold)”, and the word “TATAMI” had already appeared in the Japanese oldest book “Record of Ancient Matters” which was written in 712.
It means tatami already existed in Nara era.

In Heian era, tatami was made with more thickness; it played a role as a symbol of social position.
Sizes of a tatami or a design were decided with a position / social position of a house.

It is considered to be it from the Muromachi era that several pieces of tatami came to be spread all over the room like the present Japanese style room.

It appears that the tatami which was a thing of an expensive house with a social position has begun to spread through the public a while after Edo era started.
After the Meiji era, it spread widely.

A wave of Westernization surged against a house after the war, and ecotype states were different in old days, and an opportunity to see a tatami mat room decreased.
However, an environmental problem of a house comes to have been demanded, and life in a tatami is reviewed again these days.